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Prime position

The layout of a room can be as important as the decoration and furnishings in creating an inviting atmosphere and ensuring the available space is utilised both practically and beautifully.

Interior design CambridgeSometimes the shape and size of a room dictate the natural layout of furniture. However, the most obvious format may not always be the wisest.


Placing furniture on an angle, or even in the middle of the room, can alter the available space for both extra storage and movement around the room.


Small rooms can be better utilised through bespoke furniture that fits an awkward space, and grand drawring rooms or open plan living areas can at once be spacious but remain clearly defined for different functions.


Here, interior designers reveal their creative ideas for the perfect layout, from an open-plan bed and bethroom to a small study.


Bed and Bathe


An open plan master suite is a real luxury but a large space needs just as much careful planning as a small layout as you need to consider how you will differentiate separate areas of the room.

Interior design Cambridge


Here the bed acts as a divider between the bathroom and bedroom with the sinks placed directly behind it.


Different flooring has been used to mark out two different zones whilst different layers of lighting allow for one person to read in bed while another can relax in the bath.


Because the bathroom is so open, moisture from the shower had to be considered so a powerful extractor fan ensures the textiles in the bedroom are not damaged.


Cate Burren, Angel + Blume


Original article featured in The English Home October 2011.

 Image credits: Mark Box