Angel and Blume




angel and blume


"Just a quick note to thank you for organising and presenting with such flair, humour and enthusiasm the series of talks on interior design. I thoroughly enjoyed them; they gave me some fresh ideas and a little more confidence in shaping the Peach Palace as this house has become known."

"Thank you so much for all your insights and ideas, and for embracing so easily those that made sense of mine. I particularly appreciated the way you could put your finger on what exactly my style was. It is one thing to have it in your head and another to have it stated so clearly in words. Going on to then think of it all in terms of paint, fabric and accent colours was really very helpful. The list of great ideas that you gave us is long and I could go on and on, but...I will confine myself to warm thanks for what was an interesting, revealing, useful and also fun day."

"Thoroughly enjoyed - very friendly and welcoming! Thank you."

"Wonderful and very informative. An inspirational day, thank you."


"I thoroughly enjoyed the course - I am now so enlightened and well informed and learnt so much - excellent!"

"An excellent course offering a very open and honest opinion with masses of useful information. The amount I gained from the course was invaluable and made the course fee seem very resaonable.

I loved every minute - thank you so much!"

"What a lovely non-intimidating atmosphere. A treat from start to finish - my head is bursting!


"Excellent day, very helpful tips."

"Very informative and friendly and a very well thought out course."

"Just wanted to say 'thank you' for the wonderful inspirational course yesterday."

"Very interesting course. I feel the experience has given me confidence and I will be attending more courses in future."

"Brilliant day, thanks."

"Thank you for the enlightenment!"